Susan's Way for Helping Pets with Problems

A better way to get your pet to behave instead of hit and miss with method-only approaches or expensive veterinary tests that leave you confused and left paying for expensive bills.


Everything You Need to Know to Have an Amazing Relationship with Your Pet but were Never Told...Until Now!

You're frustrated and can't figure out what is wrong with your furry friend despite spending time and money on solutions that don't work

You love your pet with your whole heart and want to do the best for him that you can

You feel really bad that things are not working and even feel like you're a bad pet parent sometimes...

So What's Really Going on Here?

First of all it's not your fault you don't understand your pet's problem because you can't possibly know how they think and feel but you wish you could.

You wish there was a way they could just tell you what's wrong and what you could do to fix it.

But just like children you might be able to talk to them but you might not be able to understand their perspective or the way they view the world because yours is so different.

It would be such a blessing to have a pet translator for you who understood what you did not so that you could get to the bottom of your pet's bad behavior or mysterious health concern.

Here's How We Can Begin Turning around Things for the Two of You:

Susan's 6 Step Program

Step 1 ASK Ask your pet how he's feeling and thinking. Is there pain you don't know about or a problem with how he's being handled. Is there an issue from his past?

Step 2 LISTEN We need to listen to his side of the story to see if the way he's being treated is working for him, i.e., training, diet, social atmosphere, exercise. What exactly is "off" in his world?

Step 3 PLAN We'll figure out what are the right things to do that works for both you and your pet so he can regain a positive happy life.

Step 4 HEAL Next we'll help you reduce stress in your life through natural health and yogic practices.

Step 5 EXECUTE You'll receive masterful training to help you not only know why your doing it but exactly how and when so you're effective and still have your pet's love and respect.

Step 6 BOND You'll experience an amazing relationship together better than you thought possible

Is This Program Right for Me?

  • If your pet is in the process of transitioning you want to know how to ease their pain and how to make them comfortable. You also may be unsure when is the right time to say goodbye. 

  • If you may need help letting go of grief from a beloved pet.

  • If you are in the process of moving, or on vacation and wondering how your pet will feel during the process.

  • If your pet is not listening to you or acts strangely

  • If you want to know what your pet is thinking or feeling about you, their food, home, friends, training

  • If you want to know why your pet has come into your life and what he's here to teach you

  • If you wonder what your pet's history or what trauma has gone through


      This is for you.

What's a Session Like?

You'll understand 

  • why things have gone wrong

  • what needs to change

  • what is missing

  • how your pet views you and the issue

  • your pet's unique psychology and needs

  • And you'll be treated with a positive approach

  • Given nutritional ideas for both you and your pet including what to avoid so you can both feel your best

  • And you'll be given masterful training for your pet so you can know exactly how, why and when to train to get the most effective results.

Ready to Get Started?

Success Stories


I acquired an aged horse, Harley, who had never left the property he had been raised on until his owner wanted to get rid of him and he ended up with me. He was sad and suffering some emotional trauma from leaving his home. Susan helped me understand this about him, and simultaneously let him know he was with me forever and I would never abandon him again. His emotional state improved noticeably after our session. Worth every penny!

Martha H. 2018

My husband and I are from Melbourne Australia, our beloved dog died and we searched the net for an animal communicater, I was skeptic at first and hesitate to do the communication but stumbled across susan hill and glad we did. She was scarily accurate in picking up things that made our hairs stand up. She took her time with us which we appreciated. We did it through Facebook video which made it very easy to communicate. Thankyou susan! Kisha & Marcin K. 2019


Fortunately for You There is Someone Who Can Help You Achieve All This and More!

"People come to me for help with their pets but then when I work with their pets I realize that it's their pets that have problems with the people!"


I'm Susan Hill: A Special
Animal Communicator Who Helps You Understand Your Pet on a Deeper Level

My Story:

Susan Hill

Woman Hugging Dog
david wolfe.jpeg

It all started when my beloved Black Lab/Doberman Mix, Ali was diagnosed with bone cancer. When I could not save his life despite flying to the Hoxsey Clinic in TiJuana, Mexico for alternative cancer treatment and a surgery to have his leg removed, I felt I had failed my dog. After his suffering had ended I went home and couldn't stop crying. In my emotional agony I heard his spirit call to me. I first heard his chain necklace jingle. Was I hearing things?


Next I heard a bark at the front door. I rushed to the door to see if he was sign of him.


Then I realized it was his spirit but then quickly dismissed the whole thing as being in my imagination.

In the next year I took a beginner animal communication course with Penelope Smith. The first day I was skeptically thinking, "this is ridiculous. We can't talk to animals."


Then the very next day I discovered I was listening to a dog tell his story about his life and his human dad's ex-girlfriend. When the man heard me translate the dog's story he was amazed. He said, "that's exactly right." I was thrilled. I could actually do this work. In one day I had let down my disbelief and allowed the messages to come through. I continued with more courses with Penelope into 2007 and became a professional animal communicator including learning how to teach others to communicate, swimming with wild dolphins in Bimini and a trip to the jungles of Costa Rica.

Throughout the years I have learned a great deal more about animals as problems would arise. I was always determined to get to the bottom of a situation. I worked with Cesar Millan and Brandon Fouche, two of Los Angeles' premiere dog whisperers. when my Doberman, Jody was biting me in the leg on walks. This was remarkable as if a magical discovery for me because many people had told me to put my dog to sleep for the aggression but I could not, would not kill her.


I knew it was simply a matter of me not understanding the problem. I don't understand how seemingly good people can go from a fanatical method-only approach that is politically correct, i.e., rewards based training, as the only "humane" way to train dogs to "KILL THEM" as the only justifiable solution from a method that clearly doesn't work for all dogs. I am and will always be a rebel not aligned with politics but always searching for truth.


I was amazed how understanding how dogs think and how their psychology could be used to influence their behavior. In my case I learned I had caused my dog's aggression and felt a sense of duty to help others struggling with their dogs. Although some communicators don't believe this to be true I found that telepathy wasn't as of as much value without understanding dog psychology.


This is especially true for dogs with a strong personality who assert their desires.

As time went on I had more of my own dogs that died of cancer so I learned as much about lifestyle and prevention as I could from Dr Marty Goldstein and Dr. Douglass Coward, two leaders in the field of natural veterinary medicine.


Later I studied yoga and breath work for stress reduction with Shiva Rea and holistic nutrition for having the best day ever everyday with David Avocado Wolfe.



I help people as much as I do the animals now.

Combining both sides of the equation is a winning team. For a comprehensive program for you and your pet see my Program for Bad Pet Behavior.

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